September 26, 2009

Love you

I am still at this very moment,
However my heart leaps forward,
without my consent.

Tried to have my control over,
to prevent the tingles and shingles you got over me.
But failed every time I looked at you,
thought about you;
and the future we could share
from 'I' to us
and that it would someday come true.

I wish every moment you could be here,
near me,
It's impossible for you to realize the pain which I bear,
Every moment when I see you drift away from my side,
tears well up in my eyes.

If you would know what it was that I think,
I would never need to hide,
those blushes on my cheeks
and the volcanoes which you erupt in my heart
while you smile at me with that mischievous wink.

When I talk with you after several weeks,
feels like my life had been paused forever.
And now is running at it's maximum speed,
Oh listen! I hear something,
Can you hear it too?
Can you feel the vibes?
a violin faraway I suppose,
plays miraculously while new dreams are created in my eyes.

Let me fade away that loneliness and pain which you surround.
Though we are far apart,
we are connected for life with our hearts.
Whenever you want me with you,
close your eyes and think about our sweet little memories.
Doing this you will always keep me around.

Come here to me my love,
sending you this message through a lovely dove.
Heard that it brings two souls together,
I had to try it at least once,
to make sure,
the gods approved of our love;
and to keep this heart beating,
while I try to become stronger.
Will see you soon but until then,
your picture in my heart will be my precious gem.
-Richa Sud

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