December 25, 2010

Denouement of the Eclipse

Shimmer-shimmer all across,
Red gleam osculates the skies,
Darkness slowly crawls aback,
And the night’s abyss fades away.

Gently oh gently the snow falls,
Blanket of snow reserves the ground warm.
Essence of winter and festive season is here,
Cinnamon, chocolate and Christmas aromas dissipate in the air.

Wrapped up in a shawl I sit by the window,
Sipping the oh so wonderful; hot chocolate,
Warmth on my lips and depth in my heart,
Legs stretched to the front and crossed,
I rest my head against a soft and cozy pillow.

A silent murmur of the chilling winds,
despite the sun awaiting to rise soon at the coast,
beautiful is this moment as I sit engulfed;
by the warmth of red, orange and gold,
nevertheless a mere step outside,
would be noxious in this piercing cold.

Lost soul was revived,
as the flames from the fireplace shaped my thoughts.
With intensity so high and unrelenting zeal,
The burning flames whispered their warmth and let me heal.

Softly oh softly kissed my cheek,
Eyes closed, head aback, a breath so deep and invigorating,
Realized it was time to live in this moment,
To cherish the memories from the past,
Plan for the future like a mirage of dream cascading,
And that we must love to live every moment while it lasts.

Richa Sud

December 01, 2010

Sand castles

Across the beach was a precious little present,
a little girl sat with a twinkle in her eye,
blush on the cheek,
and called out to show what she had made,
with a cheerful little cry.

And then there was a tear on the pale cheek,
her majestic castle was shattered,
all she wanted was just a little water,
to tap the dream sculpture strong,
when the mighty innocent wave came by,
and did her wrong.

Who is to be blamed?

The sea had no intentions to make her cry,
but she didn't weep the way she was presumed to,
just one tear and she was done with the past,
she affirmed to build a home that would last.

Through the storms of time,
and thunders like the ones found in the wild,
she promised to build her castle with love so strong,
that nothing would ever pull it apart,
and then there was that twinkle; back in her eye,
her lips curved up; while she smiled.

Richa Sud

November 30, 2010

The soft strain

While the clock ticks away slowly,
with a gleam in the eyes,
excitement in my voice,
I sing along to a familiar melody,
through my parted lips yet so softly.

Thinking about the memories we have built thus far,
turmoil of emotions discerned through the days,
appraised life to be too hard in one of our talks,
and then left the strenuous thought aside,
while we discovered our way through the unknown maze.

Swaying to the sweet notes gently,
I think of you as the days pass by; immensely,
through the lonely sunsets,
I am still with you,
the tunes from melodious tunes blind me from reality,
and then I realize with a shock so anew,
the presence of thorns is ascertained,
when there is an undying aspiration,
for the blossoming of fresh fragrant roses.

July 02, 2010

Arms of Angel

The baby sleeps peacefully,
while an angel sits beside;
cradling her by her side.
Listen! She hums a silent strain,
covering the little one with soft fleece,
a look at her and you'll see,
her skin is pale and face is at ease.

The pain in her eyes beneath the fine brow,
is neatly covered by her cheek’s glow.
A look at her child and there she smiles,
She finally found her mirth,
After struggling through hassles of court and heartbreak right after,
Her little doll’s divine birth.

Chores were to be completed,
The house was unkempt,
She hardly cared until her sweetie had soundly slept.

Looking down at her baby’s sweet face she found her long lost innocence,
For which she had been searching for.
She scoured her buttercup’s outline,
and saw a part of herself,
in the soul of the new life,
just as she had always desired, the aura was elegant and just fine.

Reliving the moments, she lived as a child,
She prayed to the almighty to bless her daughter,
Devoid her of the obstacles she, herself went by,
When she acted silly and in rush of emotions was once unforgiving and wild.

She wrapped her precious life in silk and wool,
For the chilled winter nights, she chose soft pink and purple,
Forgetting that, once upon a time she considered only black to be cool.

Immense sweetness of comfort and care,
deep oceans of love and affection,
Is what she promised to her daughter.

Placing her smooth fingers she wiped away the sparkle from her cheek,
And told to herself, “I am strong for my child and will never be weak”.
Looking at her cutie-pie she rocked the cradle again,
Once she was content that the girl was asleep,
She carried her workload to the study and indulged into her work without refrain.

She worked hard under the lampshade through the glowering moonlight,
And in the morning once the baby was up,
with tiny whimpers and cries searched for her guide,
the angel had already tidied up the house in the mist of night,
by early morning she was done with her work duties and took a relaxing nap by her angel’s side.

Embracing the baby in her arms,
she inhaled the fragrance of baby lotion and powder after she gave her angel a bath,
She carefully stroked her buttercup’s soft chubby cheeks,
The feeling of love was so strong she wanted to hug her real tight,
But was afraid that would confer her daughter pain and fright.

She hugged her child once again and looking at her beautiful blue eyes,
Kissed her petite nose and brushed away her golden lock,
She then dressed up the girl in her a little pink frock.

Flood of maternal emotions through her heart is what she felt,
As she let the flood wash through her body and soul,
and let the volcano of love and nurture erupt,
Carrying her little angel in the vicinity of her enclosed arms she found herself melt.
-Richa Sud

June 22, 2010

Wolf Tamer

I look across the room,
A reflection stares back at me.
Same exact features, the eyes and the lips,
There is something different though,
A sly smile, wicked chin and a perpetual curve at the hips.

Who is she?
My mind ruminates upon,
She stares back at me loathingly this time,
Giving me a slight nod and then flinching her glaring eyes,
I look at her in epiphany and accept the challenge placed at my will,
Battle against good and evil is what she wants to have, and so I will.

It’s the moment when I can give up,
or without knowing the consequences,
choose to shoot for the kill.
Mercilessly I dagger my eyes into hers,
Hot blood seeps out in manifestation.

A thought brings me back at authenticity,
Not an evil twin, but myself I fight,
She has gone astray in the emptiness of wild.
Time to tame her back into what she was once before this sight,
At the moment she is cold as ice, as she fixes upon her smile,
My heart pounds harder telling me to accept that,
An end was desperately demanded for her evil might.

A pinch of salt and spoonful of sugar,
Is all it took to alleviate the woman in black.
Her cuspate features merged to fade,
as she entered into the shadows of her own aid.

And the smile turned to be genuine eventually,
Looking at her again, I realized,
From darkness of being, she was being freed slowly.

Will power is what it took for the transformation to trigger on,
Like an injured bird she wriggled about before choosing to settle on,
While her search for self, ended in an ambiguous pattern,
I was left to stare at the mirror, which now contained,
my corrected and smooth reflection.
-Richa Sud

June 12, 2010


Point your lashes down,
and you can picture my face-
I am smiling...

Open your mouth, speak with your heart,
and you can see my soul-
I am waiting...

Place your arms around my waist,
and you can embrace my uncertainty-
I am shaking...

Press your lips against mine,
and try to catch me-
I am falling...

-Emily Crane
(From Chicken Soup for the Teenage soul III because I felt the same)


Forgive the sun who didn't shine,
the sky had asked her to dine.

Forgive the stars that heard your wish,
the moon prepared their favorite dish.

Forgive the rain for it's attack,
the clouds have tears they can't hold back.

Don't hate the birds because they are free,
don't envy all things they can see.

Don't block the wind, but hear it's cry,
or else the wind may pass you by.

Forgive the storm it means no harm,
could not resist to show it's charm.

Forgive the earth that never turns,
don't hate the sun, because too much it burns.

Life intends to not cause pain,
the flowers bloom from all the rain.

The storm will come and it will pass,
the sun that shines, it grows the grass.

The wind it cannot help but cry,
the stars at night light up the sky.

Forgive the world in which we live,
we'll all find peace if we forgive.

-Danielle Rosenblatt

(From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III)
This touched me with it's simple yet thought provoking words, and I had to save it in my heart somewhere..

May 15, 2010

Beautiful Lies

June 4th, 2010

Mystery lurked in the air,
While the two were quiet.
Too many words were yet to be spoken,
Too many dreams weren’t yet broken.

She thought for a while,
What was on his complicated mind.
Though the thought was intriguing,
It brought in curiosity, and bits of fear to her surprise.

She looked out of the window and stared at the blank space,
They moved along the road as the car quickly raced.
Tired of the suspense she let some words out,
Who knew if it was too soon,
Or if they were the wrong words which weren’t supposed to be ever said out loud.

She had told too much, too soon,
Felt uncertain what she herself was really up to.
She sat beside him,
Her heart pounding with every passing second,
While the thoughts were scattered all over the place.

She picked up words, which she could get her hold on,
Out came pathetic sentence structures with little meaning, which could be barely understood.
She blushed at her own silliness,
And tried to cover up the mess by letting out some more awful grammar.

What did he think about her mistakes she thought,
Did he think she was stupid or simply scared at this mere moment?
The spell of silence was finally broken as both talked;
disoriented and unimportant discussions were taken seriously in that time frame.

She relaxed for a while as she heard him speak,
However, she was still thinking about what was on his mind.
The mixed feelings and detangled emotions withered her from inside,
When he suddenly held her hand and sat quietly beside.

His touch brought her to calm,
In her mind the thoughts were no more scattered,
Cuz now she really couldn’t think of anything.
She welcomed the sweet pain with a smile on her face,
Looking out of the window, she thought once again,
What was on his mind that made him so quiet?

It troubled her while she shifted uncomfortably on the seat,
Maybe one day she thought; she will help break the ice,
After which maybe she would be able to dive into the oceans of his thoughts and wishes,
Where she could search for some answers, which couldn’t be ever questioned.

All she cared now was about what he felt from within his heart,
She wanted to know the truth and was ready to face any fall,
She sincerely hoped he was telling her the truth,
Because she believed him and his words without any second thoughts,
Yet she wasn’t ready to face any of his beautiful lies.

Richa Sud

(Photo Credit: Shreya Solanki)