May 15, 2010

Beautiful Lies

June 4th, 2010

Mystery lurked in the air,
While the two were quiet.
Too many words were yet to be spoken,
Too many dreams weren’t yet broken.

She thought for a while,
What was on his complicated mind.
Though the thought was intriguing,
It brought in curiosity, and bits of fear to her surprise.

She looked out of the window and stared at the blank space,
They moved along the road as the car quickly raced.
Tired of the suspense she let some words out,
Who knew if it was too soon,
Or if they were the wrong words which weren’t supposed to be ever said out loud.

She had told too much, too soon,
Felt uncertain what she herself was really up to.
She sat beside him,
Her heart pounding with every passing second,
While the thoughts were scattered all over the place.

She picked up words, which she could get her hold on,
Out came pathetic sentence structures with little meaning, which could be barely understood.
She blushed at her own silliness,
And tried to cover up the mess by letting out some more awful grammar.

What did he think about her mistakes she thought,
Did he think she was stupid or simply scared at this mere moment?
The spell of silence was finally broken as both talked;
disoriented and unimportant discussions were taken seriously in that time frame.

She relaxed for a while as she heard him speak,
However, she was still thinking about what was on his mind.
The mixed feelings and detangled emotions withered her from inside,
When he suddenly held her hand and sat quietly beside.

His touch brought her to calm,
In her mind the thoughts were no more scattered,
Cuz now she really couldn’t think of anything.
She welcomed the sweet pain with a smile on her face,
Looking out of the window, she thought once again,
What was on his mind that made him so quiet?

It troubled her while she shifted uncomfortably on the seat,
Maybe one day she thought; she will help break the ice,
After which maybe she would be able to dive into the oceans of his thoughts and wishes,
Where she could search for some answers, which couldn’t be ever questioned.

All she cared now was about what he felt from within his heart,
She wanted to know the truth and was ready to face any fall,
She sincerely hoped he was telling her the truth,
Because she believed him and his words without any second thoughts,
Yet she wasn’t ready to face any of his beautiful lies.

Richa Sud

(Photo Credit: Shreya Solanki)