February 12, 2011

The necklace

Quietness of the night,
echoed across the room.
On the cherry wood floor,
silently it laid.
Features so perfectly round and shaped,
it gleamed plush white,
as it's gems reflected the beaming light.

A mere fallacy,
was what she lived in,
through the eyes of her mind.
A thin silver thread,
had garnered her wishes,
to help her escape the cruelty of time.

With her hopes and dreams,
it was abruptly snipped,
into two distinct halves.
What about it was so beautiful;
was a simple fanciful assembly of the pearls,
that it was made up of.

Nothing can be perfect,
is what someone had told her once.

Counting on her blessings,
the thought never occurred,
if it could ever be her loss.
Though the pearls were so pure and fine,
The connecting thin silver thread,
had it's own very minute hidden flaws.

She had held the necklace in her hand,
ran her fingers through the pearls,
touched them gently, she turned them in swirls.

And then one day,
massive ominous clouds covered the blue sky,
a quick lightning struck,
while the thunderstorms exploded,
with the clouds' mighty cry.

And the the necklace started to fall apart,
while some pearls endeavored to stay close.
so she held onto them with her enclosed fist,
trying to stop the pearls from falling through the open end,
and she felt definite tension in her wrist.

The storm was too strong,
it took her efforts away,
while she tried in desperation to hound.
she held onto some pearls in the string,
while one by one,
they started to descend with a painful sound.

The clatter of the pearls,
filled the air,
with immense energy they fell towards the ground,
bounced back and forth,
and then finally came to a rest,
some far, some near, but they were all around.

The beauty of the necklace didn't cease to exist,
the pearls continued to gloat their pride,
reflecting the sun's rays amidst the gray clouds,
they had no regrets for falling apart,
across and wide.

Together in the silver string or,
all by themselves,
they were still the same magnificent,
precious pearls.
If need be, they could always be brought together,
to form the necklace that was once hers.

Richa Sud