May 24, 2009

Notions of Life

24th May, 2009

The world has lost its luminance with my growing age,
What has become of me with every little change?
I feel like a bee trapped in a colourful canopy.

It’s known to me that it’s all false,
Your love and all those fake calls.
It pains to think such could have been destiny,
I am distraught at present, and seek melancholy.

Days have passed and nights have died,
I wait at the window for the unknown.
I know there is something which is keeping me alive.
I know not why or how would I survive.

But so far I have managed to withhold.
All the urges and despair,
my tears have dried after all this while.

I do believe in the strength and wisdom,
that perseveres in one little corner deep in my heart,
The sacred corner I worship with all I have.
But just at times I feel the loss- and disregard my life.

Oh my soul! Let me live,
Let me live until I can stand no more,
Then you may take all the pain away,
cus that’s what you want.

I am ready to serve you,
once I have pleased my entity in this world.

May 10, 2009


I am Richa :)
Here I am about to start something new..I have passion towards poetry and would like to compile my collection here as life moves on..
Hopefully i will continue to update this blog and keep the petals together to form a beautiful flower..which can be looked at and smiled later on in life..

Thanks for visiting this blog and have a good day!