February 02, 2012


Soft snowflakes lightly floated towards the ground,
At times touching her face,
Melted amidst the caress.

Here it was finally,
Long time had been,
Since she had cuddled by nature,
And had this feeling.

She felt familiar warmth that had been missed,
Since a while all she had felt was destitute and solitary.
At the moment her heart was slightly elevated,
As purity of the moment shielded her lovingly.

She looked up to the sky with her big beautiful eyes,
Maybe this was a kiss from natures’ valley?
Which deep inside she had been longing since so long.

Suddenly she felt an ache,
piercing through her heart.
What had been holding her so strong,
She wished would have stayed for a bit more long.

Memories which were locked deep within
Were set free to breathe once again,
The ghosts of the past were still alive,
Still and silent they stood by her side.

She wished her feelings and thoughts,
That were suffocated once before,
Could vaporize into oblivion now,
From burning tears that brought her pain.

Closing her eyes she took a deep breath,
Locking away the corpse of meaningless past,
She no longer wanted to cringe about,
what she had neither possessed nor lost.

She felt like a tranquil melody,
Swaying and syncing to nature’s tune,
As she walked down the deserted street,
Alongside houses that were blanketed by snow.

She looked up again towards the sky,
Watched the flakes come below,
With her lips slightly moving apart,
She caught a snowflake with her tongue.

She felt it trickle down,
Acquainting once again with a child's joy,
Once she had a quick look around,
Her pink lips curved up to reveal a shy smile.


January 09, 2012

The Exquisite Eagle

Swiftly scanning the silent forest with its hungry eyes,
Demeanour so sharp as it boldly soars high,
Briskly flying through the winds,
A look at the nest unattended by a mother,
who flew off to forage for her dear young ones.

No care about the family who resided at the nest,
Circled around the tree for a couple more times,
Tirelessly flew about devoid of any rest,
This won't be any more disparate from it's earlier crimes.

Showing off it's magnificent glory,
With the victories that it had attained in the past,
Been taught to win every race,
When hunting in a field exiguous or vast.

With unbeatable pride,
It flew towards the nest,
As the sun began to bow down with orange and red,
Once ensured, the nest was destitute of the mother,
It circled a last round preparing to attack the vulnerable.

Three little chicks embodied in yellow,
chirped unceasingly for the mother to arrive.
Beaks quickly opened and closed
as they waited for food and their mother bird who would be here soon.

They would relish the comfort,
which they had yearned for so long,
Listen to their mother,
and learn to sing their own bird song.

Suddenly the mighty eagle,
incessantly flew towards their nest,
Grabbing one of the chicks by it’s neck,
Unbothered, the eagle clutched it tight in a wreck.

The sight of death infront of the little eyes,
Frightened them with the terrorizing sight
As one of them was leapt towards the sky.

There were unceasing chirps that one could hear,
In a forest so quiet,
Death had just claimed over the unmistaken fear.
Nature was merciless,
while the rivers hit the rocks and groaned,
Could be that it wept for the fledgling oh so young.

The mighty eagle, claimed the reward,
Fiercely flying high with the captured trophy far-far away.

While the river continued to flow as it did before,
Life moved along for the rest.
While a life was lost,
And simply snatched away from a neatly built nest.

How much are we to blame the eagle for what it did?
Survival is the motivation that makes one what it is,
Good or evil,
Who is to say?
When it comes to living,
One kills the unknown, to live for the next day.

January 05, 2012

Quotes from Jodi Picoult

"The bottom line in both cases is that people don't change, that no matter how charming you are and how fiercely you love, you cannot turn a person into someone's she's not."

"Are you attracted to someone because of who you are or what they are?"

"There is difference between mending someone who's broken and finding someone who makes you complete.