November 30, 2010

The soft strain

While the clock ticks away slowly,
with a gleam in the eyes,
excitement in my voice,
I sing along to a familiar melody,
through my parted lips yet so softly.

Thinking about the memories we have built thus far,
turmoil of emotions discerned through the days,
appraised life to be too hard in one of our talks,
and then left the strenuous thought aside,
while we discovered our way through the unknown maze.

Swaying to the sweet notes gently,
I think of you as the days pass by; immensely,
through the lonely sunsets,
I am still with you,
the tunes from melodious tunes blind me from reality,
and then I realize with a shock so anew,
the presence of thorns is ascertained,
when there is an undying aspiration,
for the blossoming of fresh fragrant roses.