April 16, 2011

Midnight Swan

The moon beamed through the green velvet leaves,
As her reflection struck by calm mystified lake,
he silently stood beside her,
A world so unreal appeared to be true,
Though the night was dying away,
They stood holding hands, wide awake.

The sun had set long ago,
Intimidating darkness made no difference,
The vast blanket of dark blue sky,
softly embraced the twinkling stars with a familiar essence.

Calm accompanied the ghastly depth of the night,
Stillness while they stood together so close,
Hands held graciously but tight,
For the two of them,
felt this was so right.

In the deep blue lake there floated a swan,
The white beautiful figure looked through the sands of time.
The night was to end sooner than one would have thought,
But like the two, he wished the night would forever go on.

Not every moment is perfect it had learnt,
Had watched several others on this path before,
The swan faced the moon humming it’s silent rhyme,
suave smooth eyes mirrored the stories from the past,
Grief for what was lost through time,
Cast away shadows in the darkness that felt vast.

Wise with time the swan had become,
Floated into the darkness towards the uprising moon,
Silently prayed that the mystery would uncover soon,
And that the two naïve souls would make these moments last,
Without turning the innocent sweet memories into,
nothing more than memories from the past.

Richa Sud