June 10, 2009

Missing You

3rd June, 2009

Something is missing from my life and dreams,
I search for it endlessly in the lost realms.
Trapped in the invisible void my thoughts take me away,
Like a pagan I drift from every single way.
There’s no place to live the life I had dreamt.

Why did this happen when it felt right?
The await which lasted centuries was forgotten in a single fight.
All was lost and shattered in a blink,
This heartache wouldn’t take more than centuries to fade I think.
Just a little bit more than few thousand years geared,
Before I forget what it was that we shared.

I reminisce the faithful friendship which kept us tight,
After every heartrending night together we witnessed light.
Also I miss those heart warming talks,
While the sun set in the horizon during our autumn walks.

And time drifted while we were together through varying seasons,
Now when I think why everything changed,
A voice answers back, ‘not too many reasons’.

The feeling of compliance when you were near,
Is what I look for every single day as it passes by,
I search for that caressing shade while we napped under the trees
Now what am I left to do with those precious memories?
Thinking about those beautiful moments we shared with a sorrowful sigh.
-Richa Sud


Venki said...

Hey ur awesum!! 2 gud.. loved dis 1!!

Richa said...

thanks again..sry for replying so late here..but your encouragement means a lot to me! and ur awesome too buddy :)