June 22, 2010

Wolf Tamer

I look across the room,
A reflection stares back at me.
Same exact features, the eyes and the lips,
There is something different though,
A sly smile, wicked chin and a perpetual curve at the hips.

Who is she?
My mind ruminates upon,
She stares back at me loathingly this time,
Giving me a slight nod and then flinching her glaring eyes,
I look at her in epiphany and accept the challenge placed at my will,
Battle against good and evil is what she wants to have, and so I will.

It’s the moment when I can give up,
or without knowing the consequences,
choose to shoot for the kill.
Mercilessly I dagger my eyes into hers,
Hot blood seeps out in manifestation.

A thought brings me back at authenticity,
Not an evil twin, but myself I fight,
She has gone astray in the emptiness of wild.
Time to tame her back into what she was once before this sight,
At the moment she is cold as ice, as she fixes upon her smile,
My heart pounds harder telling me to accept that,
An end was desperately demanded for her evil might.

A pinch of salt and spoonful of sugar,
Is all it took to alleviate the woman in black.
Her cuspate features merged to fade,
as she entered into the shadows of her own aid.

And the smile turned to be genuine eventually,
Looking at her again, I realized,
From darkness of being, she was being freed slowly.

Will power is what it took for the transformation to trigger on,
Like an injured bird she wriggled about before choosing to settle on,
While her search for self, ended in an ambiguous pattern,
I was left to stare at the mirror, which now contained,
my corrected and smooth reflection.
-Richa Sud

June 12, 2010


Point your lashes down,
and you can picture my face-
I am smiling...

Open your mouth, speak with your heart,
and you can see my soul-
I am waiting...

Place your arms around my waist,
and you can embrace my uncertainty-
I am shaking...

Press your lips against mine,
and try to catch me-
I am falling...

-Emily Crane
(From Chicken Soup for the Teenage soul III because I felt the same)


Forgive the sun who didn't shine,
the sky had asked her to dine.

Forgive the stars that heard your wish,
the moon prepared their favorite dish.

Forgive the rain for it's attack,
the clouds have tears they can't hold back.

Don't hate the birds because they are free,
don't envy all things they can see.

Don't block the wind, but hear it's cry,
or else the wind may pass you by.

Forgive the storm it means no harm,
could not resist to show it's charm.

Forgive the earth that never turns,
don't hate the sun, because too much it burns.

Life intends to not cause pain,
the flowers bloom from all the rain.

The storm will come and it will pass,
the sun that shines, it grows the grass.

The wind it cannot help but cry,
the stars at night light up the sky.

Forgive the world in which we live,
we'll all find peace if we forgive.

-Danielle Rosenblatt

(From Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III)
This touched me with it's simple yet thought provoking words, and I had to save it in my heart somewhere..