July 02, 2010

Arms of Angel

The baby sleeps peacefully,
while an angel sits beside;
cradling her by her side.
Listen! She hums a silent strain,
covering the little one with soft fleece,
a look at her and you'll see,
her skin is pale and face is at ease.

The pain in her eyes beneath the fine brow,
is neatly covered by her cheek’s glow.
A look at her child and there she smiles,
She finally found her mirth,
After struggling through hassles of court and heartbreak right after,
Her little doll’s divine birth.

Chores were to be completed,
The house was unkempt,
She hardly cared until her sweetie had soundly slept.

Looking down at her baby’s sweet face she found her long lost innocence,
For which she had been searching for.
She scoured her buttercup’s outline,
and saw a part of herself,
in the soul of the new life,
just as she had always desired, the aura was elegant and just fine.

Reliving the moments, she lived as a child,
She prayed to the almighty to bless her daughter,
Devoid her of the obstacles she, herself went by,
When she acted silly and in rush of emotions was once unforgiving and wild.

She wrapped her precious life in silk and wool,
For the chilled winter nights, she chose soft pink and purple,
Forgetting that, once upon a time she considered only black to be cool.

Immense sweetness of comfort and care,
deep oceans of love and affection,
Is what she promised to her daughter.

Placing her smooth fingers she wiped away the sparkle from her cheek,
And told to herself, “I am strong for my child and will never be weak”.
Looking at her cutie-pie she rocked the cradle again,
Once she was content that the girl was asleep,
She carried her workload to the study and indulged into her work without refrain.

She worked hard under the lampshade through the glowering moonlight,
And in the morning once the baby was up,
with tiny whimpers and cries searched for her guide,
the angel had already tidied up the house in the mist of night,
by early morning she was done with her work duties and took a relaxing nap by her angel’s side.

Embracing the baby in her arms,
she inhaled the fragrance of baby lotion and powder after she gave her angel a bath,
She carefully stroked her buttercup’s soft chubby cheeks,
The feeling of love was so strong she wanted to hug her real tight,
But was afraid that would confer her daughter pain and fright.

She hugged her child once again and looking at her beautiful blue eyes,
Kissed her petite nose and brushed away her golden lock,
She then dressed up the girl in her a little pink frock.

Flood of maternal emotions through her heart is what she felt,
As she let the flood wash through her body and soul,
and let the volcano of love and nurture erupt,
Carrying her little angel in the vicinity of her enclosed arms she found herself melt.
-Richa Sud