September 26, 2009

Wherever I go..

The sun is nowhere found,
The blue sky is clear and aloft.
I hear some sound
Could it be my heart playing it’s melodies,
strikingly clear but soft?

I hear the birds chirping,
Wondered if they were searching,
for something or someone to preserve their youth
forever and keep them going.

They fly in the sky forgetting fear of heights.
I wish I could fly so high,
Touch the vastness of what we see at it’s amplified sight.
The blueness of the oceans is deep and gelid,
I feel like I am too little to even take a dip.

Feel too miniscule and unvalued,
And my heart begins to rip,
When you look at everyone but me.
And the place you forget to look at where,
I stand alone waiting for you on this forgotten front.

I want you here with me by the sea
while we take a walk,
If not then my heart will obtusely turn into a rock.
By the beach I’ll wait for the waves,
Until then I will only think about you
and will chant only your raves.

Though you may not know me much,
or may not consider in your life any of my role.
I know you a bit too much than I should have,
Now you are part of me, my life and my soul.

My attention suddenly is caught by the winds,
the windchimes click together.
As a mighty whiff takes over me while it swings.
It flaunts anger in agitation as it blows,
fresh breeze cleansed through and purified me
and from your thoughts I arose.

I feel like a child and nature’s my mother,
It continues to bestow love at me even though halfway through
I began to think about you while appreciating it.

My thoughts turn back to nature and it’s beauty,
I just got drifted away in your thoughts
while admiring the most beloved phenomenons
I feel guilty for forgetting it while it loved me to the core.
Although I felt and wrote about the sun and the sky
my heart was with you while my heart felt so high!
As I waited for you like a rock at the seashore.

Do you see the irony here?
I have you with me,
Wherever I go.
All my thoughts connect you with everything I do,
Be it while I sit at the study reading
or on a beautiful summer day
at the sea in my boat I row.
You will always be a part of me wherever I go.
Wherever I go..
-Richa Sud


Venki said...

dis 1's too touching.. d "forever" kind of feeling lingering around d sad-but-sweet emotions wound 2gether makes dis truely adorable.. forever!!

Richa said...

thanks venki! :D