June 10, 2009

Petrifying Passions

31st May, 2009

The feeling of overwhelm is what I felt looking at you,
Is this happening for sure? Is it all true?
I remember the days when we looked past each other,
Then I fail to understand how I developed this little bother.

When you look into my eyes I see it there,
truth, complacency and trust all in your care.
I have thought about this for long now;
thinking it would get over me somehow.
But alas! I stand still from days to months on this crossroad;
Struggling to understand what was it all about;
when you gifted me that precious rose.

Never felt it before; the spark the lust,
But now I experience this sudden rush.
During our talks; your sincere features lead me into a trance,
where I forget to think;
And then suddenly at times I realize,
that hours had passed by in just a blink.

It’s been time since I gave up on my childhood fairy tales;
As soon as I realized that in reality love at times fails.
But now the perplexed feeling is seeping in,
Maybe love isn’t really about your loss or win.
It’s just the way you feel for someone close to your heart.
Their touch could turn you into a bubble,
that carries you under the most beautiful illusion;
away from any colossal trouble.

I felt myself rise when I closed my eyes;
a thought about you held back my fear and cries.
Now I realize I have something very special for you;
more than just affection,
it’s more like addiction.
I crave for the time we could spend together,
forgetting this world and any other troubled cluster.

Last night I dreamt of an angel blessing me,
Thought she would have heard my prayers;
cus' I was out of words and out of wishes,
Didn’t want anything except your kisses.

I will wait for you as long as it would take,
Just make sure this heart doesn’t break.
This feeling is special I don’t think I could handle the pain,
After this long lasting period of await,
when I thought it was my first love during this beautiful rain.

-Richa Sud


Vivek said...

ohkk..that sorta freaked me out but its a very beautiful poem...i agree with my self though that was truely a superb poem ive read in years..and yeah btw-great selections ;)

Venki said...

woooow!! dis 1's amazing! wonder how u pen such poems..!

Richa said...

Hey Vivek and Venki!
omg can't believe I didn't read your comments..thanks guys! You are both really nice =)