December 01, 2010

Sand castles

Across the beach was a precious little present,
a little girl sat with a twinkle in her eye,
blush on the cheek,
and called out to show what she had made,
with a cheerful little cry.

And then there was a tear on the pale cheek,
her majestic castle was shattered,
all she wanted was just a little water,
to tap the dream sculpture strong,
when the mighty innocent wave came by,
and did her wrong.

Who is to be blamed?

The sea had no intentions to make her cry,
but she didn't weep the way she was presumed to,
just one tear and she was done with the past,
she affirmed to build a home that would last.

Through the storms of time,
and thunders like the ones found in the wild,
she promised to build her castle with love so strong,
that nothing would ever pull it apart,
and then there was that twinkle; back in her eye,
her lips curved up; while she smiled.

Richa Sud

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Beautiful Poem Rich <3
Something i truly need to learn from you :)