December 25, 2010

Denouement of the Eclipse

Shimmer-shimmer all across,
Red gleam osculates the skies,
Darkness slowly crawls aback,
And the night’s abyss fades away.

Gently oh gently the snow falls,
Blanket of snow reserves the ground warm.
Essence of winter and festive season is here,
Cinnamon, chocolate and Christmas aromas dissipate in the air.

Wrapped up in a shawl I sit by the window,
Sipping the oh so wonderful; hot chocolate,
Warmth on my lips and depth in my heart,
Legs stretched to the front and crossed,
I rest my head against a soft and cozy pillow.

A silent murmur of the chilling winds,
despite the sun awaiting to rise soon at the coast,
beautiful is this moment as I sit engulfed;
by the warmth of red, orange and gold,
nevertheless a mere step outside,
would be noxious in this piercing cold.

Lost soul was revived,
as the flames from the fireplace shaped my thoughts.
With intensity so high and unrelenting zeal,
The burning flames whispered their warmth and let me heal.

Softly oh softly kissed my cheek,
Eyes closed, head aback, a breath so deep and invigorating,
Realized it was time to live in this moment,
To cherish the memories from the past,
Plan for the future like a mirage of dream cascading,
And that we must love to live every moment while it lasts.

Richa Sud

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